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Guðrún Ýr, also known by her stage name GDRN, is a popular singer in Iceland and recently starred in Katla, an Icelandic mystery-drama television series.

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Christmas for Guðrún Ýr

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

My favourite tradition is to decorate "leaf bread" with my family and friends. Laufabrauð is a traditional kind of Icelandic bread, sometimes called snowflake bread, that is most often eaten in the Christmas season.

Which 66°North product do you use the most?

I really love my merino baselayer set, Básar, and I use it a lot.

What is your favourite place to travel to in Iceland?

My favourite place to travel is Þórsmörk, the southern highlands of Iceland.

How will Christmas be for you this year?

I will be at home this Christmas with my family.

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

My favourite christmas record is Hátíð í bæ with the singer Haukur Morthens.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My all time favourite is The Nightmare before Christmas.

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