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How to keep safe and happy in the north.

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Sports and activities

What to wear

Layering for skiing and snowboarding

Icelandic winters produce some of the most extreme weather on the planet. They also produce avid skiers. To Icelanders, the moment a blizzard passes is a signal to rush to the slopes. But to do that, they must have the right gear.

Winter running

Whether it’s winter time in North America or Europe, or a cold Icelandic May morning, training through cold weather will help you progress far better for when spring and summer come, and there’s no one better to learn from than Icelandic ultra-marathoners.

Visiting Iceland

What to do in Iceland


We met with the local hiking group "Lífskraftur", which is comprised of experienced Icelandic female hikers, and asked them about what motivates them to hike, what is good to keep in mind when starting out, and what routes they recommend.

All sides of Iceland in one day

The Laugavegur trail is one of the most popular multi-day hiking routes in the world, spanning 55 kilometers across the highlands of Iceland.

Arctic Glow

24 hours of light during Icelandic summer — the opportunities to explore are endless


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What to wear for trail running

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Arctic glow

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Stay safe, stay active
Layering for skiing and snowboarding

Winter Running Guide

What to wear in Iceland

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