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Find shelter from the winter elements through our holiday gift guide, featuring a range of our must-haves.

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Eyrarrós collection

66°North x James Merry


Winter new arrivals

Eyrarrós collection
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Eyrarrós collection(1 looks)
City commutes(2 looks)


What to wear

Our guide to insulation

Insulation describes how well a garment protects its wearer from the cold. Generally, a garment with more insulation will provide more felt warmth than one with less.

Icelandic Search and rescue team from 1967

Designed and proven
in Iceland since 1926


We have always protected people with our clothing. 
If there is a defect we will repair it free of charge

Repair and recycling

We believe products should last a lifetime. We are committed to reparing your product whatever its age.

Carbon neutral

Through our holistic approach to circularity, we can minimize harm, mitigate our impact, and make a net positive impact on the world.

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