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Arctic embrace

We want the world to experience the power and beauty of the North. This means clothes that make life and activity possible where there would otherwise be none.

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Find your running, hiking and skiing jacket from our waterproof, windproof, and breathable outer layers.

Tops & vests

Layering your clothing is to utilise different materials and insulation to provide warmth and adaptability for all conditions.


Gloves, hats, bags, belts, gaiters: for the (very few) things our jackets cannot do

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Winter 2021

Krafla Look
4 collections
Krafla Look(2 looks)
Dyngja Look(2 looks)
Tindur Look(2 looks)
Jökla Look(2 looks)
Mid-thigh length down jacket (Unisex)
Mid-thigh length down jacket (Unisex)
Polartec® Alpha® high-collared zipneck
Polartec® Alpha® high-collared zipneck
Polartec® Power Shield® softshell pants
Polartec® Power Shield® softshell pants

NORÐUR Journal

Tales from the North

The Arctic is beautiful – but unforgiving. For nearly 100 years, 66˚North has made life and activity possible where otherwise there would be none. These are stories of adventure, exploration, and the extraordinary everyday. 

Skiing and snowboarding

Icelandic winters produce some of the most extreme weather on the planet. They also produce avid skiers. To Icelanders, the moment a blizzard passes is a signal to rush to the slopes. But to do that, they must have the right gear.

The valley. The huts. The foxes.

In 2015, American wildlife conservationist and photographer Donal Boyd traveled to Iceland. A few months later he moved here from the USA to live in the back of a Land Rover Defender.

Where the ice melts

This year Ragnar surveys Drangajökull’s east side for the second time. He took over from his father, Þröstur, who did it for 25 years. Þröstur took over from his uncle, Guðfinnur, who was in charge of the previous 50 years.

Icelandic Search and rescue team from 1967

Designed and proven
in Iceland since 1926


We have always protected people with our clothing. 
If there is a defect we will repair it free of charge

Repair and recycling

We believe products should last a lifetime. We are commited to reparing your product whatever its age.

Carbon neutral

Through our holistic approach to circularity we can minimize harm, mitigate our impact, and make a net positive impact on the world.

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