November 25th 2022

Glacier Friday

25% of all online sales on November 25th will fund the protection of glaciers in Iceland.

Glaciers make Iceland an extraordinary place. Let's do what we can to keep it that way.

Glaciers dominate the landscape in so many parts of Iceland. They are the view from our home and a destination during the weekend. They shaped our mountains and create our rivers which carve up the landscape and make our country so extraordinary.

Icelandic glaciers are one of the reasons we exist as a company and we want to protect them. Whether you shop with us today or donate to Icelandic Glaciological Society directly, you will be helping preserve the Icelandic glaciers for future generations.

25% off all online sales will fund the protection of glaciers in Iceland

All our glaciers have slowly but surely been disappearing through the years. For the past three years we have donated part of our sales to funds that all have one thing in common: protect our nature. This year, 25% off our online sales the 25th of November will be donated directly to the Icelandic Glaciological Society.

The Icelandic Glaciological Society was founded in 1950 to support research about our glaciers. There both scientists and laymen get the opportunity to work together towards the same goal – documenting the disappearance of our glaciers.

Glacier Friday

Documenting change

“I see new landscapes being created on every trip. The glaciers are receding and thinning and new land is exposed beneath them."

Photographer RAX, Ragnar Axelsson, has been documenting the Arctic for four decades. He has seen first-hand the immense natural changes happening during this time and how global warming is affecting people’s lives in the Arctic.



No Ice

A T-shirt made to raise awareness of how global warming is changing the landscape in Iceland. Icelandic glaciers are the fastest shrinking outside of the Polar ice caps. A rise of 2°C will see all Icelandic glaciers vanish.

For the fourth year running, we host our Glacier Friday. On Black Friday, the 25th of November, we donate 25% of our online sales directly to the Icelandic Glaciological Society.

Last years

Glacier Friday

Where the ice melts

This year Ragnar surveys Drangajökull’s east side for the second time. He took over from his father, Þröstur, who did it for 25 years. Þröstur took over from his uncle, Guðfinnur, who was in charge of the previous 50 years.


It has never been more important than it is now for the world’s scientific community to work together to find solutions to carbon dioxide emissions. The team behind the Icelandic company Carbfix has developed a method for sequestering CO2 in stone.

At Glacier's end

Chris Burkard is a world renowned adventure photographer with a passion for Iceland. He's explored the furthest reaches of the country over the last decade, growing a strong affinity to documenting the glacial river systems that run from the highlands all the way down to the ocean.

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