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Hardworking, a term that describes Emilie Lilja well. As a social media influencer, DJ, podcast-host, head-ambassador and a public figure in Copenhagen, Emilie Lilja deals with high amount of pressure and stress in her everyday life. Being able to stay afloat in such conditions does not only demand a serious work ethic, but also the ability to know when and how to pull the plug and relax. For Emilie, that means driving out of the city, north of Copenhagen, or going abroad exploring new exciting destinations and cultures.

It has always been in my DNA to work hard for what I believe in. I want to discover the world, to experience things you don't see when you’re at home in Denmark. This helps me think clearly and makes me able to relax and fully recover.

After suffering a heavy heartbreak a few years back, Emilie lost her motivation. This put her in a place where she didn’t feel in her right element for a long time. When in need to heal a broken heart, a wakeup call can make a huge difference. Last year, Emilie received one from her agent that got her back up on her feet.

"Make a decision"

I was down for a couple of months until my agent stepped in. She knows me very well and she felt I was burned out and had lost my spirit. She told me that something drastic had to happen or we needed to end our work-relationship. At the same time, my current boyfriend gave me a great advice: Make a decision!

Either you give up and pursue something else for a living, or you pull yourself together. I didn’t want to quit! I found 10 clients I wanted to work with throughout the next year and we made a strategy. That year has now passed, and I've worked with all the brands and clients on my list. That's when I realized that I'm actually good at what I do, I have a great support system, and I really love it.”

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