Fleece of nature

Tindur Polartec® Thermal Pro® fleece Jacket
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Tindur Shearling is stylish, versatile, and designed to endure.

Originally designed for mountain athletes, the Tindur Shearling Jacket is a high-performance midlayer built to provide breathable insulation in extreme cold. Of course, when you make a comfortable, understated, dependable fleece, word tends to get around.

Tindur was designed with the aim of utilising the technical features of the fabric and making a warm and durable multi-use fleece jacket. That is why we placed a strong water-repellant fabric on the shoulders and elbow and the thermal fleece fabric is placed where it can give maximum warmth without limitations of movement. When we designed Tindur we wanted it to be a stylish fleece jacket that is warm and suitable for various scenarios.

Vala Melstað, Creative Director of 66°North.


100% recycled Polartec® Thermal Pro® synthetic shearling with Polartec® Wind Pro® Stretch panels

Fleece used to construct the Tindur Shearling is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Polartec® Wind Pro® Stretch panels block gusts in critical areas while giving Tindur its famous colorblock.

You can spot Tindur Shearling from across a glacier. Or across the street. In Iceland, you’ll see it everywhere. Striking functional features and a clever use of materials make the Tindur as wearable on the street as it is on the summit. Rich, nature-inspired colors complement the complex texture of the fleece to make this jacket truly distinct.

The body of the Tindur Shearling Jacket is a synthetic polyester shearling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We take pride in making quality outdoors garments from sustainable materials, helping the very Earth they’re designed to explore. For more about our Circular initiative, please visit 66north.com/circular.

Technical details

Designed and proven in Iceland since 1926




Highly breathable

Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Tindur Shearling is constructed from Polartec’s famous Thermal Pro technology, commonly known as “polar fleece.”

In 1981, Polartec revolutionized the outdoors industry with the invention of synthetic fleece. Breathable, resilient, and highly-insulating, this new material won favor with mountain athletes who demanded more adaptable layers. By combining Thermal Pro with another Polartec fabric (Wind Pro Stretch), Tindur Shearling aspires to provide wearers with a revolutionary experience all the same.


High-reach sleeves for user comfort.

Seamless shoulders for added durability.

Shoulder and elbow articulations allow for added warmth without limitations of movement.

Elastic drawcords at the hem and collar.

Two zipped slash pockets and one chest pocket.

Venting through pockets.

Fit and Size

Comfortable to wear

 Tindur Shearling is designed to function as a mid-layer during extreme cold, or as an outer-layer on cooler days. The jacket has an athletic true-to-size fit. Those between sizes should size up.

Product care

Care for your Tindur and it will last a lifetime

Before washing your garment, zip all closures completely and fasten all flaps and straps.

Machine wash at 30°C with a mild detergent without any softener or bleach.

Hang the garment up to dry.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Technical specifications
Outer Layer - Main fabric

100% Recycled Polyester | Polartec® Thermal Pro®

Outer Layer - Second fabric

100% Polyester. | Polartec® Power Stretch®


Everywhere, every day.

Tindur Down

Suitable for Iceland, perfect for Everest.