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Tindur Down

Tindur Down Jacket
From € 775,00

Suitable for Iceland,
perfect for Everest.

The jacket shape and its baffle construction creates a pocket of air around you which accelerates the warmth generated from movement in the coldest conditions

Insulation & Shell

Down insulated exploration jacket

Tindur down jacket is 66˚North's most advanced insulated jacket.

Insulated with 800 fill power white duck down, 90% down and 10% feathers.

With its rounded shape and baffle construction, the Tindur down jacket takes two days to sew, and creates the feeling of a warm bubble of air around you, heating quickly as you move. Originally made for the first Icelander to climb the north side of Mount Everest, this highly technical garment stands up to the coldest Arctic conditions, has a surprisingly high range of movement, and combines its advanced engineering with stylish everyday looks.

Insulated with 800 fill power white duck down, 90% down and 10% feathers, Tindur's construction includes interior squares with vertical interior walls that keep the down from shifting and stitching which does not go through the fabric, contributing further to its warmth.

Technical details

Designed and proven in Iceland since 1926

100% lightweight nylon with water-repellent qualities. The fabric reflects light in a unique way and shifts hues in different light


A detachable hood with visor and draw cord for adjustment.

Tindur has 5 large pockets, two zipped front pockets, two zipped inside pockets and one open inside chest pocket.

Dual slider front zipper for added comfortability and snapped down wind flap with ribbed inner cuffs in sleeves. Snow gaiter at the waist to further block instream of cold air and snow.

Snow gaiter at waist.

The duck down is VET certified.

Shell: 50% Nylon, 50% Polyester.

Filling: 90% white duck down/10% feathers /800 fill power.

Baffle constructed insulation.

Baffled box

Tindur is designed with baffled-box for added insulation.

Baffles are the pockets of space that are created between two layers of fabric which then hold the down in the jacket. These chambers filled with down are how the jacket keeps you warm. When you're wearing a down jacket, the warmth generated from your body is trapped by the down. The more loft a jacket has, the more air can be trapped and the warmer the jacket is.


These down pockets can be built mainly in two ways; 'Baffled box' or 'Stitch-through'.
The baffled-box construction is the warmer of the two, as it allows the down to loft more, i.e. trapping more air. This results in fewer cold spots in the jacket and therefore more insulation.

Making baffled-box down pockets for the down, rather than sewing through quilt style, is a lot more work and a lot more complicated to make. For this reason, the majority of down jackets are 'stitch through' and the few that feature "Baffle-box construction" are more expensive.

The technology is usually reserved for the more demanding products such as the Tindur Down Jacket, where the production of a single piece can take up to 10 hours.

Fit and Size


Tindur down is designed to be worn with a base-layer and mid-layer during outdoor activity.

The jacket is therefore designed as slightly oversized, meaning it will fit true to size, but those who are in-between sizes should size down.
Women should order two sizes down in order to get the expected fit of this jacket.

Leifur Örn Svavarsson

On top of Everest

In 2013, Leifur Örn Svavarsson was the first Icelander to summit the north side of Mt. Everest. Leifur was equipped in 66°North clothing and among the items he wore was an extremely warm down-overall that was customized for his needs. This down overall was built on the same technology and has the same function as Tindur Down Jacket.

The name of the jacket, "Tindur" can be directly translated to peak/summit in English and is, therefore, a reference to Leifur's journey on top of Everest.

Style from 1992

The style of the Tindur Down Jacket is based on a puffer jacket that we started producing in 1992. The down jacket was called Vatnajokull and was a popular style among Icelanders in the '90s

NORÐUR Journal

The World of Tindur Down

The colours of the volcano

The entire country, from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean to the highest mountain top, is made from layer upon layer of lava. Many volcanos are still active with eruptions every 3–4 years. All this activity has created the extraordinary Icelandic landscape.

Climb to Iceland’s highest peak

In my grandfather's footsteps I summited and returned to basecamp in a single day, with the help of the midnight sun

Product Care

Care for your Tindur and it will last a lifetime

When washing, wash separately in a washing machine at 30°C with liquid soap specifically intended for down. Make sure all the zippers and snaps are closed. Do not use fabric softener or detergents that contain bleach or stain remover. After washing, the jacket should be dried in a low setting with a tennis ball (or something that beats the down).

After about an hour in the dryer, it is recommended to turn the garment over. The total drying process can take up to approx. two to four hours, depending on the garment size.

TindurDown insulated exploration jacket (Unisex)

Brave the elements.


Everywhere, every day.