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Straumnes GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ jacket
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Straumnes is a lightweight jacket built for the needs of outdoors athletes.

Breathable and water-resistant, Straumnes enables mountain athletes like runners, cyclists, and fast hikers to spend more time in nature. High performance materials like GORE-TEX Infinium support high performance – in all conditions.
Materials & shell

GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ laminate with a four-way stretch nylon/elastane face fabric and stretch panels.

Unlike traditional waterproof GORE-TEX®, INFINIUM™ is highly-water resistant. What it loses in superlative water protection, it makes up for in comfort and breathability.

Stretch panels on Straumnes’ sides allow the intelligent protection of INFINIUM™ to move as you do. A sweat-wicking liner fabric ensures comfort, even when it gets steep.

In Iceland, “waiting for a nice day” often means “not training.” We worked with mountain athletes to design a jacket that balances the protection they need with the agility they demand - all to enable more time in nature. Contrast stretch panels and a streamlined fit are as stylish as they are practical. Reflective details on the arms and chest keep athletes safe in the dark (whether that’s morning or night.)

Nothing should come between an athlete and their craft. When inclement weather does, reach for Straumnes.

We take pride in making quality outdoors garments from sustainable materials, helping the very Earth they’re designed to explore. For more about our Circular initiative, please visit 66north.com/circular.

Technical details

Designed and proven in Iceland since 1926


Four-way stretch




Straumnes is constructed from GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™, a comfort-focused water resistant laminate from GORE-TEX®, the legendary maker of waterproof fabrics.

In 1969, GORE-TEX® created the breathable waterproof laminate fabric– and with it, the modern outdoors industry. Since then, GORE-TEX® has worked tirelessly to bring its expertise in protection into textiles of all kinds. The INFINIUM™ product line sees GORE-TEX® trade superlative downpour protection for everyday comfort and agility. Jackets built with GORE-TEX® INFINIUM™ emphasize wearability: if you’ve ever “sweated out” in a traditional waterproof laminate, INFINIUM™ is your answer.


Water-resistant zipper.

Two low-profile zippered hand pockets.

Four-way stretch paneling at sides, on arms, and behind neck.

Reflective chevron details on arms.

Sweat-wicking liner.

Fit and Size

Designed for athletic performance

Straumnes fits snugly, but stretches and moves with the body in motion. It is not designed to be worn with layers. Those between sizes should consider sizing up.


Straumnes GORE-TEX Infinium

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