Stay safe, Stay active

Guides and maps for running, hiking, and wilderness isolation in Iceland.

Physical activity, whether it is inside or outdoors, has rarely been as important as it is right now. However, we urge everyone to be safe and to follow the local laws in your area as all countries are approaching the COVID-19 health crisis in different ways.

We met with a few of our friends and found out how they'll be keeping themselves busy in the coming weeks. They shared a number of guides and maps with us for running, hiking, and wilderness isolation in Iceland.



Ása Steinars
Quarantine at the edge of the Arctic

"As I work independently and am not bound to a single place of work, I decided to head off to an 'outdoor quarantine' in a cabin in the Northern part of Iceland, where I could be quite isolated from other people.

Elísabet Margeirs
Winter Running in Iceland

Elisabet shares with us two of her running programs, her favorite running routes in Iceland and general tips for those looking to use the coming weeks for more running.

Hiking group "Lífskraftur"

"Lífskraftur", a group of highly experienced female hikers shares with us useful tips to keep in mind while hiking along with their favorite hiking routes in Iceland.