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Heidar Logi uses most of his time travelling around the Icelandic coasts to battle the Atlantic sea with his surfboard, and while he's not surfing, he practices yoga. Heidar is a huge fan of Christmas and loves making his presents by hand. 

What is an essential Christmas tradition?

"I always make Christmas presents by hand. It's actually one of the things I enjoy the most about Christmas. I've done it for a couple of years now and it's something that I think I'll never stop doing. I realized, that when I step out of my daily routine and do something unusual like this, I learn something new and that's when I'm at my best. Frankly, it's something that I don't do often enough. However, when I finally give myself the time during Christmas, I always love it."

What is the best thing about Christmas?

"The best thing about Christmas is when I've finished making and delivering all the presents, I can feel that I completely relax. That's when I'm ready to fully take in the Christmas spirit and enjoy being with my family in peace and quiet."

Which 66°North product do you use the most?

"My most used 66°North garment is the Bylur wool sweater. I use this sweater for almost everything, in everyday life but also as a mid-layer for more extreme conditions, for example for glacier trips. Also, I bring my Jokla Parka with me everywhere I go, whether I'm commuting out in the freezing cold, warming up after a surfing session or simply exploring the outdoors and want to make sure I'll be warm. Jokla Parka is my go-to parka."

Have you spent Christmas at an exotic destination?

"Actually, no. I'm such a huge fan of Christmas that I wouldn't want to miss all the small traditions such as; dining with your whole family and spending hours opening the gifts afterward. In my opinion, the more people gathered, the better."

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