Fishermen's day

Each year, Icelandic people dedicate the first Sunday in June to their fishermen. The day is marked by festivities, parades, rowing and swimming races, etc.

This day means a lot to us as 66°North was founded in 1926 by Hans Kristjánsson with the purpose of making protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen and workers braving the North Atlantic elements. Our designs and commitment to quality have since shielded thousands of determined fishermen from rain and wind and spray.

Immerse yourself in our collection of captivating stories that offer glimpses into the extraordinary lives of fishermen.

Celebrating Fishermen’s Day on deck

Heiður Berglind is a thirty-year-old engineer on the coast guard ship Þór alongside studying to become a navigator. Her interest in machinery can be traced back to her early childhood and she describes her work with the Icelandic Coast Guard as a rewarding job offering many opportunities.

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Fisherman's wife

Sometimes it is said that it takes a whole village to raise one child, and during the 19th century and early 20th century. This was by all accounts the reality in Iceland.

The last voyage

Comparing the life of fishermen in 1968 to the environment they work in today is like comparing the world before and after the internet.

A tale of a coastal fishing season

Rut Sigurðardóttir and Kristján Torfi Einarsson are a couple with many talents. They bought a boat and fish together during the coastal season.

At the Arctic Ocean

Fishing is an industry that is deeply rooted in the Icelandic culture ...... that shows what kind of people the life at sea raises up.

On Sea

I was a so called "deckhand" on the trawler Júlíus Geirmundsson ÍS 270, which docks at Ísafjörður on the Westfjord of Iceland.