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Five years ago, Benjamin Hardman embarked on his first photographic mission in an Arctic winter climate. Ever since, Benjamin’s passion for the cold has driven him further in his search of the North’s most obscure landscapes. Now calling the southern countryside of Iceland home, Benjamin divides his time between a range of photographic assignments and solo exploration of the ever-surprising Icelandic nature.

What is an essential Christmas tradition? 

"I was born and raised in Australia where we celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December with barbeques at the beach in 40-degree weather. It‘s hard to bring those traditions over to my life in Iceland, but it does mean I can celebrate twice, once with my Icelandic friends on the 24th and then again via facetime with my family the next day!"

What is the best thing about Christmas? 

"I think the best thing is that it brings families together. For me, that is difficult living on the other side of the world, but it‘s a great opportunity for my family to come and visit Iceland or for me to go back to Australia to see everyone."

Which 66°North product do you use the most?

"The Hornstrandir Goretex jacket and bibs are my most worn garments. When out in Icelandic nature, you never know when there could be rain or snow, so if I am somewhere extreme I will always use these as my outer shell layers to stay dry and on track. Also, the Jökla parka has long been my go-to jacket for travelling in both Iceland and the Arctic. With its tough and waterproof fabric and thick lining, it’s been a trustworthy companion for my work as a photographer in these remote and freezing areas, especially in the winter season."

Have you spent Christmas at an exotic destination?

"For the last few years, I‘ve spent Christmas snowed in at a summer house in the South. It‘s so cozy to be warm inside with family and friends and look out at the dark Icelandic winter conditions."

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