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Andrea and Arnor live in Malmø, Sweden. Their daughter, Aþena Rofn, will turn 1 year old at the beginning of next year. Arnor is a professional football player and Andrea is currently enjoying her maternity leave. They both enjoy playing golf in their free time, but that's exactly what they'll be doing this Christmas as they'll travel to Florida with the rest of their families.

What is the best thing about Christmas? 

"Number one, two and three is the quality time spent with our families. We live abroad, which means we don't get to meet our closest relatives that often, so Christmas is a wonderful time since everybody's gathered together to celebrate. Also, golfing in the sun is one of the best things. Since Christmas is the only time of the year we're able to travel, we're happy to be able to spend it in peace and quiet in a different environment."

What is an essential Christmas tradition? 

"Early in December, we make our way to the local burger joint in Reykjavik which has been fully decorated with Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, we'll be abroad this Christmas so we won't be able to do it this year. However, we'll make up for it by using the time to play golf."

Which 66°North product do you use the most?

"We use the winter-jackets the most and share some of them since many of the styles are unisex. As the winter has arrived in Malmö, we both have started to use the Bylur wool sweaters again and Andrea the Laki Alpha pants which are one of her favourites. Arnór is the type that always gets cold and therefore likes to dress warmly, sometimes his team players make fun of him for using a winter jacket even when it's still 10°C outside. He loves the Tindur Down Jacket, especially because it is so warm and light."

Have you spent Christmas at an exotic destination?

"Andrea is used to spending time abroad during Christmas, but she's been in Cape Town, South Africa and Orlando, Florida. Arnor broke the tradition last year when he tried out Christmas in Florida. Now there's really no turning back for him as he's spending Christmas again in Florida this year."

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Andrea & Arnór

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