Fischersund X 66°North Black
Fischersund X 66°North Black

Fischersund X 66°North

Product code: Y10034-001-ONESIZE
Jöklalykt - 30 ml / 1 oz (Limited edition)
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Renowned for their signature scent experiences, Fischersund has crafted a new scent for 66°North inspired by the haunting nature of glaciers, these ancient figures in the Icelandic landscape which are now quickly disappearing. The scent celebrates the unique smell that can only be experienced when long-dormant earth and all the things that have been buried beneath the ice come into contact with the fresh, cold air. This limited-edition perfume is inspired by the intricacies of changing nature, climate, and the delicate balance that we face as we look to the future. Key elements of the scent include fresh air, Geosmin, wet dirt, and petrified wood. The fragrance can be used as a room spray or perfume.

The scent is packaged in a silky scarf designed with the contour mapping of Iceland's biggest glacier Vatnajökull, which can be re-purposed and worn as a bandana.

"As Icelanders, we share a profound bond with nature. The unpredictable and untamed Icelandic weather is like a living entity with its own unique personality. We regard the natural world as an extension of our own family or, as we perceive it, an integral part of our very selves. Taking an active role in caring for and preserving the glaciers, clean water, and ecosystem around us is not merely a duty but a heartfelt commitment."

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Perfume, Water.

30 ml.

Cannot be returned.