Happy Icelandic Independence Day!

June 17th is more than just a date for Iceland; it's the symbol for our national pride. It also marks the arrival of summer, inviting us to swap our winter clothing for something more fitting the season.


summer styles
New arrivals

Designed and proven in Iceland

Festival style for any weather forecast

Embrace the festival style for any weather forecast and be prepared for all elements. Whether the sun shines brightly or the rain pours down, you can still rock your favourite festival looks.


Keilir Paclite Jacket is ideal for all outdoor activities
and a great choice for urban commuting.


Bags & backpacks

We don´t throw stuff away at 66°North. That´s why leftover fabrics often find a new purpose in our range of bags. Made from durable and waterproof fabric our bags are suitable for daily use as well as travelling.



What to wear when running

From the city streets to remote trails and scenic routes, the right running gear is crucial for any environment. Ensuring you’re dressed appropriately for different conditions will enhance your comfort, boost your performance, and keep you motivated, no matter where your run takes you.

Icelandic Search and rescue team from 1967

Designed and proven
in Iceland since 1926


We have always protected people with our clothing. 
If there is a defect we will repair it free of charge

Repair and recycling

We believe products should last a lifetime. We are committed to repairing your product whatever its age.


Through our holistic approach to circularity, we can minimize harm, mitigate our impact, and make a net positive impact on the world.

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