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NORÐUR Journal

Tales from the North

The Arctic is beautiful – but unforgiving. For nearly 100 years, 66˚North has made life and activity possible where otherwise there would be none. These are stories of adventure, exploration, and the extraordinary everyday.

Geothermal Springs

As an Icelander, bathing in geothermal springs is a very big part of our culture. It comes from living on a volcanic island, with cold harsh weather, but plenty of natural warm water around.

Certified B Corporation™

66°North is the first Icelandic company to receive B Corp™ Certification– a designation awarded to leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Return of the Sun

When the sun first shines on Sólgata.

Glacier Friday 2021

Where the ice melts

This year Ragnar surveys Drangajökull’s east side for the second time. He took over from his father, Þröstur, who did it for 25 years. Þröstur took over from his uncle, Guðfinnur, who was in charge of the previous 50 years.

Ása Steinars
Ocean Missions

Together with Ocean Missions and Ása Steinars, we are setting sails towards sustainability.

The disappearing album

Last May, the band Hipsumhaps released the album Lög síns tíma and January 1st. the album will disappear from all streaming channels and never return.


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