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The smallest nation in The World Cup

Iceland, with a population of approximately 335,000 is the smallest nation to qualify for World Cup. The previous smallest country to have reached the finals was Trinidad & Tobago in 2006 (1.3 million people) followed by Northern Ireland (1.85 million), Slovenia (2.08 million), Jamaica (2.89 million) and Wales (3.1 million).

Son & Dóttir

"Are they all from the same family?"

People sometimes ask while watching the Icelandic team play. According to Icelandic name tradition, Icelandic surnames end in -son or -dóttir with few exceptions.

A man named Jón Gunnarsson has a son named Ólafur. Ólafur's last name will not be Gunnarsson like his father's, it will become Jónsson, indicating that Ólafur is the son of Jón (Jón + son). The same practice is used for daughters. Jón Gunnarsson's daughter last name would not be Jónsson but Jónsdóttir.

This explains the son and dóttir on the back of most of the players shirts.

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Did you know?

The history of Icelandic football is full of interesting facts and figures


Iceland's national stadium – Laugardalsvöllur in Reykjavík – seats 15,000 and has a full size running track around it.

Photo: Steinar Þór (Instagram @steinarthor.is)

FIFA ranking

In 2012 Iceland ranked #131 on the FIFA ranking list, today it is number 22.  What happened in between?

A new generation of players, the Swedish coach and tactical genius Lars Lagerback, the Icelandic coach and dentist Heimir Hallgrímsson. And a whole lot of Huh!

Photo: Steinar Þór (Instagram @steinarthor.is)

The Pepsi League

Iceland does not have a fully professional football league, relying entirely on part-timers.

The season starts in May and runs until September. The games in the spring and fall can be little bit tough for the supporters, air temperature being around 3°celcius. It's usually solved with a lot of coffee, cheering and clapping. And more coffee ...

Photo: Benjamin Hardman (Instagram @benjaminhardman)

Best and worst moments

The worst moment of the Icelandic football team is considered to be a 14-2 defeat against Denmark in 1967.

The best moment is without a doubt the match against England in Euro Cup 2016. Iceland won 2-1 and qualified for the quarterfinals.

Photo: Steinar Þór (Instagram @steinarthor.is)


The most notorious football field in Iceland is Akranesvöllur.

In certain weather conditions the goalkeeper needs to be extra careful in freekicks. The strong wind could blow the ball back into his own goal.

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