All of Iceland is volcanic

The colours of the volcano

The entire country, from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean to the highest mountain top, is made from layer upon layer of lava. Many volcanos are still active with eruptions every 3–4 years. All this activity has created the extraordinary Icelandic landscape.

The energy under the ground is also a unique source of sustainable energy - heating our homes and generating a large part of our electricity.

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Cooled lava at the surface is usually grey or black, depending on age. However, when the heat of the earth reaches the surface, forming geysers and hot pools, the volcanic minerals can combine to create colourful rocks in fantastic combinations. These are the colours you will also find, cooler and a bit safer, inside lava caves.

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We chose the Three Peaks Crater (Þríhnúkagígur), not far from Reykjavik. It is a small volcano but it has an incredible feature. The Three Peaks Crater's magma chamber is perfectly preserved, despite the fact that magma chambers in volcanos almost always close after an eruption.

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At the top there is a small funnel-shaped opening, creating a channel into the cathedral-like geological structure below. Inside it is a blast of colours and minerals, perfect for our little venture.

The green forms in rocks which have exploded into the sky and spent 10,000 years cooling down

Jokla Parka | Orange

It was not exactly straight forward. 120 meters under the ground, with no direct sunlight and a constant echo, it is a disorienting experience where all sense of time disappears and the strange ambiance causes considerable fatigue after a while.

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This is the Three Peaks Crater which last erupted 4000 years ago

The guides recommend not staying inside for more than 90 minutes so after a 10-hour shoot it was fortunate that the crew and models for 66°North are used to the toughest conditions Icelandic nature can create.

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You can descend into this unique lava chamber 200ft underground

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Colours of the Volcano