Mia Regan

A trip to the Everest Base Camp

Friend of the brand Mia Regan embarked on the expedition to the Ama Dablam Everest base camp earlier this year. We met up with her for a conversation about her inspiration, preparation, and experience from the trip.
What inspired you to take this trip and choose this particular destination?

I had been watching a lot of documentaries like Sherpa and 14 Peaks which sparked my interest in Nepal as a country and its culture. I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone physically, I knew I would get that from trekking every day for a week and experiencing higher altitude.

Can you share some highlights from your journey, including any unique experiences or activities you enjoyed?

The whole experience was incredible but some highlights were, being completely immersed in the mountains, being with my dad, learning about Tendi’s life, the helicopter ride over Khumbu icefall with the view of Everest, and the food.

How did the climate and weather affect your experience? Did you rely on any specific 66°North gear?

The kit was invaluable, the coldest temperature we reached was -7° and the 66° down puffer jacket kept me perfectly toasty, so important as someone who gets cold easily. Even at 17° in Kathmandu, the 66° base layers served me very well!

What gear or clothing from 66°North did you find most useful during your trip, and why?

The headbands were an everyday essential, kept the ears warm & hair off my face. The walking trousers, I’ve been using for a couple of years now, are just perfect! The duffles we used have amazing capacity and were very practical.

Can you describe the natural surroundings and landscapes you encountered during your trip? How do they compare to what you‘re used to at your home? Anything very different / Anything very similar?

I am used to trekking in Wales, they share similar beautiful green rolling valleys but the difference with Nepal is that the landscape is so unbelievably vast with soaring mountains.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for those who would like to go take on a similar trip?

Make sure you do your research on company’s and guides taking you out, I’d highly recommend Tendi or company’s with similar ethics. Think about the time of year, I went in November, the weather is meant to be more reliable, however it is colder and coming to the end of the season. Above all, be opened minded and embrace the Himalayas.

Did you have any memorable encounters with the local culture or people during your journey?

We visited the main Hindu temple Pashupatinath where a cremation took place. We also met a lot of Tendi’s Sherpa friends who were fellow guides and mountaineers with incredible stories. Sent from my iPhone