Island Festival

Festival on a volcanic island

The weekend before the first Monday in August is known locally as the festival weekend in Iceland. The biggest festival is Þjóðhátíð (Thjodhatid), which is located in Westman Islands, a cluster of islands outside of the south coast of Iceland.  Heimaey is the only inhabited island with roughly 4.200 people living there. During the festival, the islanders grow in numbers when about 16.000 people flock to the island for a weekend of fun. When spending four days at a festival on a small volcanic island in the Atlantic ocean, protective clothing is crucial. Through the decades, the Icelanders who attend this festival, have developed "the Icelandic festival uniform", a certain attire that is a combination of outdoor clothing, wool sweaters, and fisherman workwear.

Below we've made some great style suggestions for this year's festival.

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