Emilie & Mads in Iceland


PhotographyKenneth Nguyen
VideoAlona Vibe
Location63°36'34.19" N -19°59'20.39" W

Iceland is like another planet. A planet, where Mother Nature sets the agenda and where you’ll find nature, that literally takes your breath away

Another planet

"Iceland is like another planet. A planet, where Mother Nature sets the agenda and where you’ll find nature, that literally takes your breath away. You can actually just stare at the ocean on the black beaches for hours and only imagine what enormous power they possess.

Seeing Iceland was the greatest nature experience I’ve ever had and I’m already planning my next trip there as we speak.”

— Emilie Lilja

Can’t be explained

“Iceland was exactly like I had dreamt. Mind-blowing nature that really can’t be explained but only experienced. The black beaches for me was a massive highlight and something I will never forget. I’m definitely an Iceland fan now and I will want to go back as soon as possible.

The 66°North products really proofed themselves to be of the highest quality and a perfect match for the extreme weather!”

— Mads Emil

Unexpected experiences

Iceland’s extreme and ever-changing weather creates an endless potential of exciting and unpredictable experiences for everyone seeking to explore the renowned nature of the island. There’s a first time for everyone to experience these elements and feeling adequately equipped for doing so is essential.

First visit

Danish 66°North brand ambassadors Emilie Lilja and Mads Emil Møller teamed up with the brand and photographers Kenneth Nguyen & Alona Vibe to travel the southern-region of Iceland for a week’s period. During this visit to Iceland – which was their first - they got the chance to experience the brand’s long history and heritage, how it has kept Iceland warm since 1926 and the many reasons for its strong connection to the country’s rugged nature.

Emilie Lilja

Emilie Lilja is an ever-present figure in the Danish culture and fashion scene since breaking through as an international model more than 10 years ago. Transcending from modelling into DJ’ing and fashion it-girl, to training enthusiast and podcast-host – Emilie is a girl with multiple talents and lots to offer. She has been a strong 66°North affiliate ever since the brand made its first appearance in Copenhagen in 2015, prior to her becoming the first international brand ambassador of 66°North.

Mads Emil

Mads Emil Møller comes from a strong background with more than a decade of experience in the Copenhagen fashion industry working as a freelance stylist, fashion editor and creative consultant. Mads Emil is a digital talent with an international outlook, continuously challenging the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle tendencies. Mads has been a long-last friend of 66°North ever since his first encounter with the brand in 2016.

Change of plans

The group set out from Copenhagen with an objective of visiting and experiencing the many unique wonders that Iceland is famous for. However, soon after the group’s arrival, a sudden storm on the southern coast of Iceland forced the whole agenda to be re-evaluated last minute.

Being equipped in the best way possible enabled the group to reach some of the weather-barred wonders and allowed them not only to comprehend the beauty of the Icelandic nature for the first time – but also the enormous power it possesses.