For the third installment in the series of Soulland Meets 66°North, the focus is no longer on winter apparel deeply rooted in 66°Norths heritage of apparel for extreme conditions of Icelandic fishermen.

For the first time, the focal point is a brighter outlook as it has been designed for warmer conditions such as spring conditions in Scandinavia.

The capsule collection is available in 66°North's store in Sværtegade 12, Copenhagen & Laugavegur 17-19, Iceland. Selected items are available online.


As previous capsules collaborations between Soulland and 66°North, there is a strong emphasis on combining technical apparel and accessories with stylish finish.

The outcome is a graceful capsule, which not only provides highly technical and functional garments, but an active lifestyle in a modern urban city.

The seasonal focus is new; the tradition of highly functional clothing for extreme and urban conditions – remains unchanged.

The capsule is made with runners in mind, but is just as much designed for a clean look whilst not running.

Soulland Light Running Jacket

Light jacket for all sports and outdoor activities but also great as a city jacket.

Soulland Light Running Shorts

Light shorts for all sports and outdoor activities.

Soulland Light Shell Jacket

Multifunctional jacket for all sports and outdoor activities but also great as a technical city jacket. Great weather protection so you can brave the elements in any condition.

Helgi Rúnar Óskarsson, CEO of 66°North

Doing a performance capsule was a natural step for us in our third collaboration with Soulland.

Our creative teams have done a fantastic job merging style and performance in a unique way that can be worn every day.  Since 1926, we have made durable clothing for Icelandic fishermen and rescue teams braving the North Atlantic elements. Today we have evolved into making every day technical wear with innovative materials and features resulting in highly functional garments designed for both extreme conditions as well for the urban environment.”

says Helgi Rúnar Óskarsson, CEO of 66°North.

Silas Adler, CEO of Soulland

Moving things forward and pushing your abilities is the main fuel for any task. Being better much better and doing better things!

Progress in motion and the motion with in the progress.

Products are only as relevant as the body they cover. What you Can achive in the garment defines the quality of the garment.

Take humor seriously.

says Silas Adler, CEO of Soulland

The collection consists of 17 pieces and includes the following:

  • Lightweight Shell Jacket
  • Light Fleece jackets
  • Running Shorts
  • Technical T-Shirt
  • Running Pants
  • Bumbags
  • Fleece beanies
  • Gloves
Soulland Light Fleece Jacket

Fleece jacket ideal for all kind of activities or for daily use.

Soulland Light Running Shorts

Light shorts for all sports and outdoor activities.

Soulland Running Pants

Non see-through running or workout pants made of light weighted fabric with compression effect that provides quick drying and four-way stretch for better movement and fit

Campaign pictures by Sascha Oda