66°North x Charlie Constantinou is back for Season Two

Fusing our 100-year-old heritage at 66°North with Charlie’s distinctive technical work; our latest collaboration with the London-based next-gen talent presents brand-new designs and fabrications, alongside further iterations of our hero Season One styles.

Iceland is at the heart of the collection, combining functionality and fashion and offering versatile multi-use features. With circularity being a significant consideration in the design process, the collection utilizes deadstock fabric from 66°North’s factory.

Constantinou graduated from Central Saint Martin’s MA fashion design course, specializing in technical fabrics and dying processes, and has since been awarded finalist for the world-renowned LVMH prize. The Season Two collaboration was presented at Constantinou’s debut London Fashion Week runway show in February 2024.

The full collection will be in selected stores in October 2024.

Season 1

66°North x Charlie Constantinou

Nearly 100 years of craftsmanship and braving the elements in Iceland meets London’s next-gen of design.

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