66°North and Arctic Running

66°North’s goal is to support our local community in various ways. With Iceland’s abundance of natural beauty and variety in landscape, the opportunities to explore and spend time in nature are endless. 66°North is a proud sponsor of running races that have been held across Iceland this summer.

Hengill Ultra

Hengill is the largest off-road race in Iceland and one of the most beautiful running routes in the country.

The race has something for everyone, from an easy 5 km route to 160 km.

The shorter distances are around Hveragerði and up to Hamarinn, which has a beautiful view over the town. The 25 km distance is up Reykjadalur to Ölkelduhnjúkur and around it. 50 km runners, on the other hand, continue to run into Hengill, over the mountain range, down Sleggjubeinsskarð, and back from there. Those who run 106 km go that way twice, and those doing the 160 km go three times around that route. The view from Hengill is incredibly unique, and this running route is one of the most beautiful found in Iceland.

Esja Ultra

Dramatically dominating the Reykjavík City skyline and providing a stunning backdrop to the capital area is the impressive Mount Esja, a popular destination for day-trippers and riddled with well-worn hiking trails. Once surmounted, the view from the top of this 914-metre high mountain is breathtaking.

The race Mt. Esja Ultra has been held since 2012 and the tenth edition of Mt. Esja Ultra was hosted on the 19th of June 2021. In the Mt. Esja ultra run you can run different distances in the race. There is a 2 km adventure run for kids, 3 km up to the rock, 14 km Mt. Esja Ultra II, and 45 km Mt. Esja Marathon. With different lengths and difficulties, there is something for the whole family.

The Running Festival in the Westfjords

The Running Festival was held from July 15th to July 18th and consists of running, swimming and cycling.

The Running Festival is a family festival but during the competitions it was possible for kids to compete in cycling and jogging, do some yoga and go to a concert in one of the locals backyard.

Laugavegur Ultra Marathon

The Laugavegur race is a 55-kilometer off-road race held for the 25th time on July 17th. The race is for very experienced runners 18 years and older.

Laugavegur connects Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk in the southern highlands of Iceland, two natural gems. The location means that Laugavegur is only serviced for a few weeks a year.

In the minds of many runners, the Laugavegur race is the most fun race in Iceland. On this challenging route, runners will witness incredible natural beauty. Hikers are usually 4 days on their way along Laugavegur. The lowlands are diverse, with routes on sand and gravel, in grass and snow, on ice, over rivers and streams.


The Snæfellsjökull race was held for the elevent time on June 26. The running route is 22 km and the largest part of the race is gravel road. The first 8 km have to be run uphill in about 700 m altitude. Runners can expect to have to deal with snow and mud, depending on how heavy the winter was. On the way, runners get to experience unique nature and great deal of energy that come from the glacier itself.