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66°NORTH is a manufacturing company from Iceland that offers high quality outerwear clothing for sports and leisure. This site is an online shop offering outdoor wear and work wear made by 66°NORTH.

Are you looking for outerwear clothing? Then shop your high quality technical, waterproof and breathable outerwear online at 66°NORTH.

This site is your one-stop online shop for outerwear clothing. Here you can get high quality technical, waterproof and breathable outdoor wear and work wear for men, women, children and infants. Shopping for outdoor clothing is easy and fun on this site. Shop your outerwear online and you'll see that there's no better way to get your 66°NORTH outerwear for men, women, children and infants than here!

At 66°NORTH, we believe that a clothing company should do its best to satisfy the needs of all types of men, women, children and infants.

66°North is among Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies. It was established in the year 1926 and has throughout the decades been a leading producer and innovator in the making of working clothes used on sea and land, made for the toughest outdoor working conditions on the planet. In the past decade, 66°North has leveraged its expertise into a wide selection of outerwear for sports and leisure. 66°North has received numerous awards for its designs and marketing campaigns.

The most popular brand of outerwear in Iceland.

If you live in regions where there are long, cold winters, you will know how important quality apparel is for keeping you warm, so shopping at the best outerwear shop you can find is the sensible choice. No doubt you have been looking around online for the best outerwear shop, and this is how you have found 66 North. Our online store stocks the widest selection of fleecy jackets, comfortable wool shirts, corduroy pants, fluffy scarves, snug undergarments, and much more for men, women, children and even infants. Your mission is finding quality clothing that is practical rather than high fashion when you want to keep your body insulated against the extreme cold. Enjoy shopping in our Outerwear shop, which offers you superior quality at exceptional value for money, and have your apparel shipped to your desired location after secure shopping.

66 North has been the top, well-known outwear shop for decades, and one from which visitors know they will get the latest gear at the best prices all year round. We cater for all customers in different outerwear shop options from Iceland to international customer stores, which make it even more convenient to find the most snug apparel money can buy. We have recommended outerwear that is the most popular buy and some exceptional value promotion gear that is attractive, durable, and quality manufactured to last. Iceland customers only buy from our outerwear shop rather than competitors because we can outfit everyone in the family under one roof.

When you buy warm clothing you will find that certain makes will give you the warmth you desire, but where they fall short is the restriction of movement. 66 North outerwear shop has practical garments that fit well, but allow you to move around freely and comfortably. There are superb fleecy and wool materials that are used to manufacture apparel for insulation against the cold for infants to protect them during the coldest times during the year in Iceland, and we have further sizes right up to large for men, women, and children in our outerwear shop, all the best money can buy. Find clothing for the great outdoors to suit extreme conditions even for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Enjoy our outerwear shop, which has been categorized for easy browsing, and when you find apparel you like, click on it for close-up views and details to help you make your choice. Find bright colors in snug, attractive clothing that has been designed to last wash after wash. 66 North is committed to customer satisfaction and believes that superior quality outerwear should not cost a fortune, so you will definitely love shopping at our outerwear shop online. Unbelievable prices for our ranges of clothing get you more for your money, and to complement the clothing for winter, we also stock a summer range in delightful fashion that is practical, yet allows you to look great while wearing it.

There is no bad weather, if you have the right outdoor gear.

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Shop outdoor wear & Work wear online at 66°North - Outdoor clothing from 66°NORTH
Shop outdoor wear & Work wear online at 66°North - Outdoor clothing from 66°NORTH

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