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To kick off the autumn/winter season we collaborated with Soulland to design a new jacket. Soulland is an exciting Danish clothing brand that designs menswear with a distinctly minimalistic Scandinavian look. The jacket will be launched on the 22nd of September but here you can read more about the collaboration and see what is coming.

“The Soulland meets 66°North jacket is a good example of how we are constantly evolving. Since 1926, our products have evolved from oil-borne canvas anoraks we made for Icelandic fishermen and rescue teams braving the north Atlantic elements, to the award winning Snaefell jacket made with revolutionary synthetic materials. Highly functional jackets, designed for use in an urban environment.” says Helgi Rúnar Óskarsson, CEO of 66°North.

The new Soulland meets 66°North jacket comes in one silhouette and four different colours; Black, Grey, Beige and Stripe and four different fabrics – combining 66°North’s most advanced and technical fabrics, such as Polartec Neoshell, with the classic Soulland patchwork detailing. The jackets have a direct reference to 66°North's rich heritage and are based on the company's most technical designs such as Snaefell jacket and Hvannadalshnjukur jacket used by rescue teams and outdoor enthusiasts. All jackets feature a reflective strip with multi-coloured taped seams. The 3-layer construction ensures maximum breathability, making it the ideal jacket for wearing in the city or in extreme weather and travel conditions.

Soulland was founded in the early 2000’s by Silas Adler. He met his Partner, Jacob Kampp Berliner in the creative scene in Copenhagen. Silas, a skateboarder and Jacob, a graffiti artist. “We were sort of in the same social circles. There was a strong creative scene with lots of social events and parties in Copenhagen back then. I think the first time we really got to know each other was at an after-party in my apartment.” 

Jacob Kampp Berliner

Silas Adler

“The opportunity to make technical outerwear has been a dream of mine for a long time..."

Soulland has gone from strength to strength and in 2010, Silas and Jacob were forced to choose in which direction they wanted to steer Soulland. They decided to take the brand more seriously and focused on bringing it into an international platform, “a company with focus on pushing international menswear forward and developing full collections. From then on, the direction has been clear and it made us much more focused.”

“The opportunity to make technical outerwear has been a dream of mine for a long time. It has been a pleasure to work with 66°North and to combine experience, knowledge and resources to make technically advanced and stylish outdoor wear.” says Adler.

The collaboration was inspired by the 66°North fisherman’s anorak, a classic style that turns 90 years’ old this year. The fisherman’s anorak is not only a pillar in 66°North’s history but an important part of Icelandic history. 

"A lot of the technical engineering designed to combat extreme weather conditions is exactly what you need for urban life with the constant change in weather..."

Adler explained to us his approach and how he came up with this new design. “I tried to mix the core DNA of Soulland with the technical features of 66°North’s best shell jackets in the design. What I learned in the process was that a lot of the technical engineering designed to combat extreme weather conditions is exactly what you need for urban life with the constant change in weather. The idea of making a patchwork jacket came to mind, because we after-mix fabrics and like to cut-op design. We also liked the idea of making the same design in different fabrics.”

As for colour inspiration, Adler claims he never has a system or scheme for each project. He works a lot with intuition and often finds colours in weird places. When asked if he found any inspiration for the colours from Iceland’s nature, he smiled and replied, “No, not really [laughs], but the colours are lovely, though!”

In the early years of the brand, when social media was not quite what it has become today, getting information and seeing your product or store abroad wasn’t as easy and quick as in today’s ever-informing world. “Back then, traveling to New York and visiting the store you only heard about from friends was really something. Now it feels like you know things before you’ve ever even been there in real life. The world definitely got smaller in the way that information travels so incredibly fast. You don't even need to travel to know what's happening on the other side of the globe. We try to keep a similar ideology and familiarity at Soulland. We keep our philosophy intact, we work with people we like, produce at factories in Europe that we often visit, etc.”

"Outdoor wear is now our new favourite piece of clothing to design.”

This is 66°North's first collaboration with Soulland and the new launch is in September. Soulland has collaborated with a few other brands before, but it is their first technical outdoor design. “The fact that we are focusing on technical outdoor wear makes it different for us. The knowledge that 66°North has with this field is very inspiring. Working with both design and function at the same time has been an enriching experience. Outdoor wear is now our new favourite piece of clothing to design.”

Adler visited us at 66°North and got blown away by Iceland. Literally. The trip to Iceland gave him a better understanding of the need for technical outerwear. The weather conditions and the rugged nature is a direct reason for the function, “But what became very clear to me was that a lot of the functions that you need on a hike are the same as when you are in an urban environment. In Copenhagen we are always on bikes and we have a lot of wind and rain. So for that purpose, this jacket is perfect.” Denmark’s urban lifestyle is nonetheless very different from Iceland’s. “In Denmark, we don't have that feeling of nature being part of the urban life as in Iceland, where nature's power is so strong. When in Iceland you feel the nature present everywhere, it's so powerful and a really intense feeling you don't encounter in many other places.” The jacket is great for all urban environments, it’s light, yet highly functional.

The Jackets will launch at Harvey Nichols on 09/22/16 and will be available to buy in Soulland & 66°North stores, Bloomingdale's, Normann Copenhagen and Need Supply Co.

Read more about the co-lab here: Behind the Seams

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