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The Icelandic sheep has been adapting to the weather for 1100 years.

That is why the Sölvhóll shearling will protect you like nothing else can.

The Sölvhóll product line is a series of heritage-inspired premium garments, all of which are handmade in Iceland and in limited edition. Blending Icelandic shearling with functional and waterproof outer layer fabrics, the product line has been designed to keep you warm.

All shearling used by 66°North is an ethically sourced by-product of lambs from family farms in Iceland, as such, the shearling is a sustainable material.

For more than a thousand years, the Icelandic sheep have survived the extremes in isolation across the country. Specifically adapted the cold and wet conditions in Iceland, their wool has evolved to hold a unique composition of outer and inner fibres. The outer fibres are coarse wool with glossy, robust and watertight properties. The inner fibres make for the undercoat and insulation layer.

Soft and delicate in touch yet highly insulating, this layer provides solid protection from cold.Until modern fabrics were created in the 20th century, this woolen shearling was the only source of protective clothing in Iceland, creating an unbreakable bond between the locals and their sheep that has continued to the present day.

“With the creation of the Sölvhóll collection, our aim is to honour the memory of the first “shearling coat”, which was produced in Iceland around the middle of last century. This incredible coat was for a long time an Icelandic uniform of sorts, where both young and old wore it to ward off the unpredictable Icelandic weather.”

A note from our Shearling specialist and consultant Sunneva.

Sölvhóll Coat

The Sölvhóll Coat is handmade in Iceland in a very limited quantity. The inner layer is made of soft Icelandic shearling, keeping you insulated and warm. The outer layer utilizes a functional three-layer waterproof fabric with taped seams. Both the shearling and outer layer can be worn separately, creating a diverse 3-in-1 garment. Waterproof (minimum 20.000) and breathable fabric (8.000MVP). Fabric: 100% Polyester.

Sölvhóll Trench Coat

Sölvhóll Trench Coat features a 3-layer shell fabric with a removable Icelandic shearling collar that can be worn down or folded up high against the neck. The coat comes with two types of waist belts, one focused on heritage styling, the other to contrast against the functional fabric of the outer shell. Handmade in Iceland in limited edition quantity.

Sölvhóll Field Jacket

The Sölvhóll Field Jacket steps back the origins of Icelandic workwear, featuring a 3-layer shell fabric and a removable collar made of Icelandic shearling. Inspired by the durable and long-lasting workwear throughout the history of Iceland, the jacket focuses on warmth versatility with five pockets and adjustable straps on sleeves. The Field Jacket is handmade in Iceland in a very limited quantity.

Sölvhóll Bumbag

The Sölvhóll Bumbag was designed to salvage the last of the shearling off-cuts left over from the production of the Sölvhvóll coat. Transforming these off-cuts into an additional high quality and a long-lasting item is one of the ways that we seek to increase the sustainability of our products. The Sölvhóll bumbag is handmade in Iceland in a very limited quantity. All shearling used by 66°North is ethically sourced from family farms in Iceland