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Flot Capsule

Flot Capsule
A sustainable capsule inspired by our archive of fisherman's clothing

66°North was founded nearly 100 years ago to protect its community from the harsh seas of the North Atlantic Ocean. Today, with a strong focus on clothing sustainability, 66°North's founding principle has grown to protecting the planet for the next 100 years. The Flot capsule takes inspiration from our original fisherman’s clothing, based on an industrial 66°North buoyancy aid jacket and a floating overall. Featuring Seaqual fabric, a 100% recycled polyester yarn made from plastics on the ocean floor, this capsule brings together the past and the future of protection for 66°North. 

With the original 66°North buoyancy garments as the main inspiration, the capsule has been named ´Flot´, the Icelandic word for float. Deconstructing the original jacket and overalls, the capsule is based on their inside insulation layer, with a quilted texture and lightweight feel. Flot is comprised of an insulated coat, overall, shacket and vest. 

The Flot capsule unites the design roots of 66°North’s industrial clothing with our focus to create sustainable and functional clothing fit for life at the edge of living.
Flot Coat

The Flot Coat is a long length coat based on the design of the inside of an industrial floating overall from our archives. As with the overall, it features the quilted 100% recycled Seaqual fabric, a removable reflective stripe hood, two large pockets and the distinctive instruction label on the chest

Flot 1/1
Flot Overall

The Flot Overall is an insulated suit featuring quilted 100% recycled Seaqual fabric, a removable reflective stripe hood, two large pockets, a waist belt and a remake of the instruction label on the chest to keep true to the finishing of the original jacket.  

Flot Shacket

The Flot Shacket utilises the same quilted Seaqual fabric made of recycled plastics from the ocean floor, this time in a lightweight layer-able design. The Shacket, a shirt and jacket hybrid, comes in two colour variants.   

Other products from the capsule
Flot 1/1
Flot 1/1

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