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Emilie Lilja

Emilie is a big Christmas fan, but she and her family have a lot of holiday traditions. She lives in Copenhagen and works as a social media influencer, DJ, podcast-host and takes care of various projects in the growing cultural-scene in Copenhagen. She loves traveling abroad and exploring new cultures.

What is an essential Christmas tradition?

"I have so many! Decorate the tree on the 1st of December at my place, taking long walks in the cold weather with my family, drinking glogg at the famous bar Hviids in Copenhagen and on Christmas day, eating all the delicious food and singing Christmas carols around the Christmas tree with my entire family. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS!"

Which 66°North product do you use the most?

"A combination of the hoodies and the fleeces. They’re useful almost every day in the Copenhagen weather and go perfectly with my everyday low-key style. Also, the Askja Down Coat is one of my new favourites, it's a lifesaver on colder days."

Have you spent Christmas at an exotic destination?

"Nope. We've actually never done that in my family. We’ve always waited until the 25th to travel, because we all think that Christmas in Copenhagen with the entire family, including the oldest who can´t travel anymore, is a very special tradition."

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Emilie's Favourite Styles

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