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Our Aedey jacket is filled with 100% eider-down, naturally insulated, light as a feather; entirely unique.

That's why it's one of the warmest piece of garment available.

In the isle of Aedey man and bird live together to make the world’s warmest lining.

The Aedey  Jacket is made from 100% eider-down from Iceland.

Every summer local farmers gather the valuable eider-down from nests to stay warm throughout the long winter. It's a tradition as old as habitation on the island and has been passed on from generation to generation for over a thousand years. This is a method that requires
sensitivity, knowledge of the natural habitat and respect for nature.

During spring the eider sheds about 17 grams of premium down and lays eggs. In exchange for protection the eider-bird gives its best feathers.
When the ducklings leave, all eiders return to the ocean and the down is for the farmers to keep. This down comes from living non-domesticated birds - it is never plucked.

The order process

The total world production of Eider down is only around 2.500 kilos per year and over 90% of the world supply comes from Iceland. The process of how it is harvested is 100% natural and sustainable and does not in any way harm the Eider bird.



66°NORTH keeps fitting samples on stock.
Each and every garment is custom made for the client.
It usually takes about 6 months to deliver.




If you are interested in Aedey Jacket and want more information please fill out the form below and a customer representative will be in touch.


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