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Our own production facilities in Latvia

We run our own production facility in Saldus, Aizpute and Kuldiga, Latvia where we have around 200 employees producing 59% of the styles we sell and 48% of the production value. Operating our own production facility gives us the advantage of knowing each step of our production processes; what goes into the product, how the product is being handled as well as it facilities traceability and overall overview. Our facility is run by EU regulations about labor laws and workplace health and safety. All our employees in Latvia have labor insurance.

This is what we produce
Seam sealed garments (e.g. shell jackets), fleece garments, rainwear / fisherman garments, workwear, trousers, gloves, mittens and leg gaiters and special production.

Long-term partners
We have established trusted and close relationships with our production partners for over a decade. We only work with partners that ensure employees well-being and follow regulations about labor, health and safety of their country. To ensure this we conduct our own audits during the production of our product line. Our production partners are based in the following cities:

  • Nantong, China
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Borås, Sweden
  • Akureyri, Iceland

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