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Product Recycling

Early 2016 we launched our “Indestructible” program and we asked our customers to bring in their worn-out 66°North products - or products in good shape but they no longer wanted to use it - in exchange for a discount of their next purchase. We evaluated the state of the product, repaired it if needed and gave it to the Icelandic Red Cross. We realized right away that product recycling was something we wanted - and needed - to make permanent at 66°North.

Wearing out 66°North clothes can take a long time as we put great emphasis on quality and durability when we make our clothes. They are supposed to last as long as possible. But we also want to contribute to minimizing environmental footprint that results in us throwing away our clothes and furthermore, helping those in need by giving it to charity.

You can bring your old 66°North product to any of our stores and receive your discount. If we do not have stores in your country please contact us and we will give you detailed instructions of how you can ship us your product to our headquarters and receive your discount.


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