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We know that great employees are companies most valuable resource. We believe in giving talented people of all ages career opportunities and we recognize the importance of providing them with desirable working environment that they can be proud of and enables them to develop and be healthy.

In 2014, we established an equal rights programme to ensure equality between women and men at 66°North and to make sure that employees are valued and demonstrate respect for one another in their communications. Our equal rights programme aims to equalise the conditions of men and women in terms of wages and other remuneration and opportunities for growth in employment.

Our employees active participation in shaping the company’s future is extremely valuable. The company holds an annual event where all employees come together, brainstorm and discuss as a team about how we can succeed further as a workplace and as a company. The results from these meetings have then been utilized in formulating some of our most important strategies, including our sustainability strategy.

We conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey, provided by the largest union in Iceland, with the aim to improve our employee satisfaction from year to year. Since August 2018 we have implement an additional monthly survey for all employees that will enable us to react even faster and in a more focused manner to the survey results. We offer employees tracking of health conditions once a year.


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