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Hornstrandir bibs are 66˚North's most premium professional trousers.
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Named for the nature reserve on Iceland nothernmost peninsula, the durable, high-performance Hornstrandir bib is the choice of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts across Iceland, whether hiking, mountaineering, climbing, or tour skiing.

Made from highly breathable three-layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric and waterproof to 28,000 mm, these bibs have a relaxed cut with adjustable suspenders, reinforcements on the backside, knees, and outside of the legs; along with two front pockets closed by waterproof zippers, and waterproof zippers on the split leg side. Adjustable fabric and a two-way zipper at the inseam, and elastic band loops for your shoes further aids movement.

Hornstrandir bibs can fit over base layers and midlayers, with a close fit. Some customers may find the leg length slightly long. Adjustment straps at the ankle allow the bibs to be tightened over a boot and shortened to fit.

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