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Kormakur & Skjoldur Collaboration

Our collaboration with Kormákur & Skjöldur is inspired by the Icelandic horse, which has been a loyal friend and main mode of transportation throughout the centuries and an inseparable part of our culture and history. This lifestyle riding line pays homage to the rich, Icelandic riding heritage and focuses on functionality and comfort without making sacrifices in regards to a timeless style. The collaboration features a remake of the Oxi Primaloft Jacket, where the characteristics of classic tweed fabric are combined with modern-day insulation material.

Dyngja Down Jacket

Dyngja is a collection of high-quality 800 fill-power down garments that are extremely lightweight and are inspired by a classic 66°North down products originally designed in the '90s. The collection features a jacket, coat and a vest in five different colors. All these Dyngja garments are designed to be ideal for life in the city, as well as the occasional outdoor adventures during cold winters.

Tindur Down Jacket

Tindur Down jacket is a high-grade classical 800 fill-power duck down jacket. The technical features behind the jacket are inspired by a down overall that was originally engineered for the first Icelander to ever climb the North side of Mount Everest. This technical down jacket is one of our most premium down jackets, providing exceptional insulation in challenging conditions.


Introducing, a very limited capsule of up-cycled hoodies and sweats. The capsule contains unique reworked cotton pieces, with the greater purpose of re-using and un-used product and fabrics, minimizing waste of material and emphasize that a products life-cycle can be revived.

Jokla Parka AW19

66°North has kept Icelanders warm by producing high-quality outerwear since 1926, and living in Iceland means your parka is your all-year-round jacket.

Jokla's design features elements that have been passed on from previous classic 66°North designs, elements that are loved by Icelanders that have worn our parkas for most of their lives.

The name "Jokla" is derived from the Icelandic word for a glacier. We think it's an appropriate name for this parka as it suits equally well for a glacier expedition and the everyday urban commute.


For the second time, the Danish fashion label GANNI teams up with 66°NORTH to define the line between urban life and the great outdoors - following up their initial collaboration in the spring of 2019. The directional designs explore even further the fusion of GANNI’s playful, unexpected and confident style together with 66°NORTH’s heritage and technical expertise of extreme weather performance wear.

Island Festival

What to wear to a volcanic island festival

Kria Capsule Collection

Capsule inspired by a range of products that were produced by 66°North in the '90s. The original Kria garments are renowned for their durability, and to this date can still be found in the wardrobes of Icelandic homes.⁠

Bankastræti Capsule

New styles in Sequal - made by recycling plastic from the bottom of the sea.

Klambratun Capsule

REPREVE is the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fiber. The high-quality fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. They are also certified and traceable.

Activity days

Out hiking with Gudmundur, Helen and Hekla - a family of three that doesn't take the usual route.

Workwear revisited

For over half a century, we have been producing clothing for Icelanders in various working-class industries, ranging from protective clothing for fishermen to construction workers. This heritage is partly built on a vast amount of workwear archives. This summer, some of these archives become alive again.

Emilie and Mads in Iceland

This winter, we invited our Danish brand ambassadors Emilie Lilja and Mads Emil Møller to Iceland to allow them to experience firsthand how 66°North has kept Iceland warm since 1926.⁣⁣⁣⁣
In tours like this one, the Icelandic weather is always an unpredictable factor. A factor, which in this case, turned every plan upside down, yet in the end, showing the real character of the Icelandic weather.⁣⁣


66° NORTH’s first-ever partnership with a women’s ready-to-wear brand. The collection is made up by four pieces consisting of three jackets and one vest in earthy shades and different colorways of green, burgundy, and blue.

Styles for the slope

Having the right skiing gear is essential when hitting the slopes and the best way to make sure you keep warm is to wear the right layers, in the right order. That way, you'll be able to ski all day without giving it an extra thought.

All layers should be technical and breathable. We'll explain how to layer each one here below.

Thorbergur Ingi | Winter Running

Thorbergur Ingi Jónsson grew up playing soccer during the long and snowy winters of eastern Iceland so he was never fazed by exercising outdoors. Soccer gave way to track and field but once he discovered ultra running in his twenties something clicked. He came 6th in the 2017 CCC and really tested his abilities in the 2018 Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc, a 104 mile race with a staggering 30,000 feet of ascent.

Elisabet Margeirs | Winter Running

Elísabet Margeirsdóttir didn’t set out to run the 400 km (250 miles) by-invitation-only Ultra Gobi when she started running fifteen years ago. But a string of successes led to her being the first Icelander to compete and the first woman to finish in the 2018 race.

Urban Jungle

Winter is never very far away at 66°North.

The Icelandic weather is infamous for being extremely unpredictable, offering different combinations of rain, wind, snow and sun every day. We’ve been challenging it for over nine decades; so we know a thing or two about versatility.

Our philosophy has always been that weather shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to going places. Our clothing is designed to be comfortable in everyday life but at the same time keep you prepared for the worst.



Tindur Down jacket is a high grade classical Duck Down jacket fabricated in a very tough and endurable fabric. The AW18 version of Tindur is now featured in a new reflective material.

It was originally designed for the Icelandic mountaineer Leifur Örn. He was the first Icelander to climb the North side of Everest. He was equipped in 66°North clothing and among the items he wore was the super warm down overall that is basically overall version of this Tindur Down Jacket.

The jacket has a baffle construction which means within each striped square there are vertical interior walls which keep the Down fill from shifting. In addition the stitching does not go through the fabric so exceptional warmth is guaranteed.

Gifts for him
Gifts for her
Now | Heidar Logi

The harshness of the Icelandic weather has never been a barrier for Heidar, who surfs the black beaches of Iceland on an everyday basis.

At an early age, Heidar Logi struggled in school and had a hard time dealing with his attention disorder. However, after finding a path in extreme sports, Heidar managed to overcome his battle with ADHD as he finally had a channel to direct all his excessive energy. We are completely taken by Heidar’s story, who continuously challenges the boundaries of a typical Nordic lifestyle.

Gift guide

Our stores are now full of warm, waterproof and comfortable clothes that make the ideal Christmas gift.

Urban life in the Nordics

Winter is never very far away at 66°North.

The Icelandic weather is infamous for being extremely unpredictable, offering different combinations of rain, wind, snow and sun every day. We’ve been challenging it for over nine decades; so we know a thing or two about versatility.

Our philosophy has always been that weather shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to going places. Our clothing is designed to be comfortable in everyday life but at the same time keep you prepared for the worst.

FURTHER | Benjamin Hardman

Five years ago, Benjamin Hardman embarked on his first photographic mission in an Arctic winter climate.

Ever since, Benjamin’s passion for the cold has driven him further in his search of the North’s most obscure landscapes – the barren, cold and volatile environments that are inhabited by colossal ice structures, carved volcanic mountains and resilient wildlife.

Lookbook AW18

66°North's AW18 Arrivals Lookbook, featuring new styles for this winter season.

Jokla Parka AW18

Designed with a focus on combining materials of the highest quality in a jacket that can withstand extreme cold and rough conditions. 

The exceptional attention to detail in Jokla's design gives it an elegant and clean impression, making it an ideal selection for multiple purpose of use.

66°North x GORE-TEX (1)

In 1926, 66°North started producing protective clothing for fishermen braving the challenging elements of the North Atlantic ocean.

Today the company makes functional clothing without compromise for all kinds of outdoor activity with a strong reference to its fishermen and workwear heritage. 

To keep delivering the highest quality of outdoor clothing, 66°North has collaborated with GORE-TEX to produce enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.


Selected styles displayed in the Summer in CPH photoshoot

What to wear in Iceland

It can be tricky to pack for Iceland, as the weather is unpredictable and changes without warning.
If you are thinking about making the trip over, Ása Steinars knows just what you should bring.

The Icelandic Football Collection

Iceland, with a population of approximately 335,000 is the smallest nation to qualify for World Cup. Here's everything you need to know about Icelandic football.

Football Capsule

The Iceland Men’s football team was founded in 1947 and has never qualified for the World Cup.  As this will be our first appearance in the World Cup this summer, we have designed a special capsule of products inspired by Icelandic football culture and the unconditional support the country has for the team. The Iceland Women’s team has already made their debut in the World Cup in 2015.



Lookbook SS18
300 times on top of Iceland

Professional mountain guide Einar Rúnar Sigurðsson reached the peak of Hvannadalshnjúkur for the 300th time earlier this month, but Hvannadalshnjúkur is the highest peak in Iceland.

On Sea
The other Flatey

A deserted island north off Iceland

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