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Our Sustainability Commitment

At 66°North, we recognize that it is our responsibility to go beyond our own interests and that which is required by law. We continuously seek to minimize our environmental impact, show social responsibility and give back to our community.

Product Care

Our commitment is to ambitiously seek to educate our customers about taking the right care of their 66°North product so it will have the longest possible lifetime.

Product Repair

Our commitment is to accept all 66°North products that need repair to increase their lifetime.

Product Recycling

Our commitment is to accept all 66°North products brought to us by our customers for recycling.

Design Values

Our commitment is to create high quality products for versatile usage with the mindset that they should last.

Down and Fur

Our commitment is to only use certified down, fur and other animal products from animals that have been treated in humane manner.


Our commitment is to only work with responsible fabric and accessories suppliers that deliver outstanding quality.


Our commitment is to only produce 66°North products in responsible production facilities that ensure employees' well-being and follow regulations about labor, health and safety.

Our Stores and Offices

Our commitment is to use renewable energy in our stores and offices whenever available and continuously seek to minimize waste in our environment and in our processes.


Our commitment is to create an enjoyable, healthy, developmental and fairly rewarded working environment for our employees.


Our commitment is to contribute to prosperity in communities where we run our offices and production facilities by supporting education, culture and healthy living.

Our Performance Measurement

We use The Higg Index, an indicator-based tool provided by SAC, to measure, evaluate and improve our sustainability performances.

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