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Workwear revisited

For over half a century, we have been producing clothing for Icelanders in various working-class industries, ranging from protective clothing for fishermen to construction workers.

This heritage is partly built on a vast amount of workwear archives. This summer, some of these archives become alive again through the Grandi and Tangi collections.

The Grandi collection is inspired by the daily workwear worn by construction and shipyard workers in the early 20th century. The name is derived from the former fishing industry's heart in Reykjavik, the Grandi area. The collection is made in durable fabric and finished with white seams. 

The Tangi collection is inspired by a more recent line of workwear, where reflective stripes and large pockets play a large role. The collection is made in a three-layer waterproof material, that is extremely durable and strong.

Same location, 60 years apart

Grandi "Sloppur" Robe.

Grandi Zip-off Pants.


Men 1/2


€ 100,00
Men 2/2

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