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Entrant Dermizax-EV

The heavy-duty fabric that redefines comfort for performance fabrics.

Entrant Dermizax-EV logoENTRANT DERMIZAX-EV is configured to provide maximum comfort in any number of ways. First of all, this fabric exhibits an exceptionally high resistance to water pressure that protects against the heaviest storm precipitation conditions. Greatly improved breathability is available through the smart nonporous membrane capable of effectively controlling moisture permeability depending on microclimate temperature. In addition it takes much longer for a wearer to start feeling stuffy even if very active. ENTRANT DERMIZAX-EV's comfortably dry feel quickly returns compared to other fabrics. The super-durable water repellent finish also maintains a high repellency of over 80 points even after 100 wash cycles. This guarantees long-life waterproofness and breathability for sustained comfort. These characteristics combine to provide full comfort no matter how strenuous the activity. The ultrathin membrane provides ENTRANT DERMIZAX-EV with a feather smooth texture and lightweight configuration.

Entrant Dermizax-EV features

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