shop Your Iclandic outdoor clothing online - Outdoor wear for men, women, children and infants 

66°NORTH is a manufacturing company from Iceland that offers high quality outdoor clothing for sports and leisure. This site is an online shop offering outdoor wear and work wear made by 66°NORTH. 

Are you looking for outdoor wear or work wear from Iceland? Then shop your high quality technical, waterproof and breathable outdoor clothing online at 66°NORTH.
This site is your one-stop online shop for Icelandic outdoor clothing for men, women, children and infants. Here you can get high quality technical, waterproof and breathable outdoor wear and work wear for men, women, children and infants. Shopping for outdoor clothing is easy and fun on this site. Shop your outdoor wear and work wear online and you'll see that there's no better way to get your 66°NORTH outdoor clothing than here!

The most popular brand of outerwear in Iceland.

Outdoor clothing for men, women, children and infants

66°NORTH is an Icelandic designer outdoor wear brand for men, women, children and infants. On our website you can select from our exceptional selection of winter clothing including jackets, sweaters, parkas, pants, coats, fleece garments, accessories and many more.

On you will find many styles of Icelandic outerwear clothing like outdoor jackets, outdoor parkas, outdoor sweaters, outdoor pants, outdoor coats, outdoor fleeces, accessories from Iceland and many more. Our Icelandic outerwear selection includes high quality Icelandic Wool Blend Sweater, Icelandic lightweight outdoor jackets, Icelandic waterproof outdoor fleeces, Icelandic super warm outdoor parkas, Icelandic comfortable outdoor pants and cool weather accessories to keep you warm and comfortable outside.

Our outdoor cloths from Iceland are suited to tolerate the worst weather tolerable. Search our Iceland's apparel store to browse through our best collection of outdoor wear for men, women, children and infants. Our online outdoor wear collection has a selection of popular gifts including Icelandic hiking wear, Icelandic golf wear, Icelandic ski wear, Icelandic horse riding wear and casual wear from Iceland.

Try our outdoor clothing for your trip to Iceland; we have a great selection of summer outdoor wear for your vacation in Iceland. Buy your Icelandic travelling clothes online at

At 66°NORTH, we believe that a outdoor clothing company should do its best to satisfy the needs of all types of men, women, children and infants.

If you enjoy the great outdoors and participate in winter sports, like skiing for example, you will want to maker certain you have the warmest outdoor clothing money can buy to insulate you against the cold. If you have been looking for superior quality outdoor clothing online, Shop 66 North has everything you need. For over 50 years we have been supplying the whole family with quality apparel that is designed to be practical rather than high fashion. Invest in comfortable fitting winter clothing that allows you to move freely, made to last using high quality materials that are snug against the coldest winters. Shop in the store that suits you to find what you are looking for in superior quality outdoor clothing, and have your order conveniently shipped to your door worldwide.

Quality winter clothing with material that gives you good body insulation is the sensible choice, and even more so for keeping your children warm. Browse through stunning outdoor clothing in fleecy jackets that are superbly designed for loose fitting that does not restrict your movement, pants, sweaters and parkas for some examples, plus great accessories that have been designed to be fashionable yet practical more than anything else. Outdoor clothing comes in all sizes for men, women, infants, and a great color selection to choose from at 66 North shop online. Click on the category to find what you are looking for, and then on the items to see more details and close-up images that are there to help you make your choices.

When you buy winter clothing or any outdoor apparel you need online, what is important is making sure that you have selected the right sizes before you check out to avoid disappointment. You will find some useful information on our website about winter clothing that has been designed to insulate you against the coldest winters, plus further items in smart, comfortable outdoor clothing that is also great for summer. Have a look at the bestsellers in our outerwear store to see popular choices in apparel, as well as sales and promotional items, where you get even more value for money outdoor clothing at 66 North. Camping, fishing, and hunting enthusiasts will love the collection of accessories we offer, in backpacks, hoods, and snug gloves.

You can make comparisons with other online stores that sell winter clothing and although you may find some cheaper, they will not compare to the quality you get at 66 North. We know how cold it can get in Iceland and other regions where winters are extreme, and this experience is what has helped us create the best range of outerwear money can buy. Invest in quality outdoor clothing that is durable to last year after year, reliable to keep your body cozy, and insulated in all conditions. Bookmark our website so that you can come and see new apparel we regularly add to our extensive collection that is wide enough to suit the most discerning tastes for quality and price with the convenience of internet technology to shop online to top it all off.

There is no bad weather, if you have the right outdoor gear.

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Outdoor clothing for men, women, children and infants
66°NORTH was founded in Iceland in 1926 and began with protective-wear designed to shield our Icelandic workforce from the elements. As one of Iceland's oldest design and manufacturing companies, we still proudly make durable workwear but our extensive range now includes jackets, sweaters, parkas, pants, coats, fleece garments and accessories for adults and children. Check out our online store…
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