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66°North Iceland

Things you need to know before you travel to Iceland

66°North is Iceland

Are you planning your trip to Iceland? Here are few important thinks you need to know before you visit us here in the northern region of the world.

Fist of all you need to prepare yourself for any kind of weather, it can be very unpredictable and change suddenly without a warning. We advise that for your maximum comfort you wear good shoes or boots. Bring a hat and gloves and also a waterproof outer garment. Wearing three layers of lightweight upper body clothing is the most effective method for retaining warmth.

If you need the right clothing for your iceland tour come to one of our stores, located at Keflavik international airport, in the capital Reykjavik or around Iceland.

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Average temperatures in Iceland

Month °C °F
January -1,3 29,7
February 1,0 33,8
March 2,1 35,8
April 4,0 39,2
May 7,2 44,9
June 13,1 55,6
July 15,2 59,4
August 13,3 55,9
September 13,0 55,4
October 6,1 43
November 3,7 38,7
December -0,8 30,6

Daylight in Iceland

January 10:34 AM 3:59 PM
February 9:05 AM 5:38 PM
March 7:26 AM 7:07 PM
April 5:37 AM 20:38 PM
May 3:55 AM 10:12 PM
June 2:42 AM 11:32 PM
July 3.23 AM 11:00 PM
August 4:58 AM 9:22 PM
September 6:29 AM 7:33 PM
October 7:55 AM 5:48 PM
November 9:32 AM 4:09 PM
December 10:50 AM 3:12 PM

When should I travel to Iceland?

Iceland is beautiful in all seasons. In the summer season (from the beginning of June to the end of August), all tours run and campsites, hotels and youth hostels are open. In September there are progressively fewer tours and less countryside is accessible (generally around the 15th of September). But there are compensating attractions for the off peak traveller, the beauty of autumn colours, the changing skies and the northern lights. Reykjavik is a wonderful city for Christmas shopping with its Christmas lights reflecting in the snow.

How can I get to Iceland?

Frequent flights operate to Iceland from main cities in Europe and North America and many gateways are served daily.  Flight times are 2-3 hours to major gateways in Europe and 5-6 hours to the east coast of North America. Most flights connect at Iceland´s Keflavík International Airport (45 km from Reykjavík) to give good stopover opportunities for transatlantic travellers.
These airline carriers are all currently flying to Iceland:

Other useful tips

For further information about Iceland visit the website,

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